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This page will note changes made to Beard Profile. Changes generally include what features have been updated or added to the site, such as general maintenance and bug fixes. Other changes may include those to the design of the site, or to important documents such as the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Note: changes made before 2018-04-05 may not all be included as our changelog procedure has been reworked as of this date.

Changes, Updates, & Bug Fixes

## 2018-07-05

### Added
- Paragraph and word counts are now shown at the bottom-right of the post editor.

Word and Paragraph Count

## 2018-04-05

### Added
- Members can now use the @ symbol to begin tagging another member. This will allow others to be notified when they're tagged in a status update, comment, or forum post. Known bug: forum posts do not send a notification to the person that is mentioned. Fix will come in a future update.

### Changed
- Minor design changes to newsfeed (dashboard) status posts
- Header design:

Old header:

Old Header

New header:

New Header

## 2017-08-06

### Fixed
- The beard articles RSS feed is now working again. There was an error for some time, but now those that use RSS feed readers can begin to use it to keep track of the articles that are written here at Beard Profile.

## 2017-07-04

### Changed
- Profile and group cover fix for positioning of cover images
- Animated GIFs can now be used in group & profile covers

### Fixed
- Fixes to private albums, located in user profiles

## 2017-01-29

### Updated
- If you've opted into receiving push notifications from this site (bottom left of the site, bell icon), you will now receive notifications for friend requests and when you're invited to a group. If you've opted out of certain notifications via email notifications, you won't receive pushes for those.

## 2016-11-16

### Changed
- Buttons changed from a grey/silver to blue/white to add a little more "pop" to them. Grey buttons sometimes appear as if they're not able to be interacted with, so instead I opted for the blue.

Example (before / after):

## 2016-11-03

### Removed
- Forum signature option has been removed. The code was really wonky and didn't allow for a discernible difference between the post content and the signature content. I'll look for an alternative way of allowing signatures, but no ETA at the moment.

## 2016-10-20

### Added
- Push notifications have been updated to accommodate anyone using browsing on the site on a shared device; if another person logs into their account, they will not receive push notifications from your account. It will be cleared, and they will receive their own pushes.

- While this feature has already been around for at least a couple of months, it has never been announced: users that no longer wish to keep a Beard Profile account may delete their profiles. In 60 days, if the user decides not to return to his account, all information will be removed from the site. During the time the user is suspended, his profile will not be able to be browsed by other users or friends.

### Changed
- Slightly edited some CSS to give the site a splash of color. More style changes will come in the near future.

Previous footer:

Current (new) footer:

## No changes recorded between these periods (missing)

## [1.0.0] - 2016-01-21
- Beard Profile was launched after several months of development

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