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s1974 Sep 7 '20

Hello, this is my first post.  I have a "meh" quality beard: it's neither good or bad but I have grown it long and have avoiding styling mistakes like trimming a neck too high and to most people it looks like a good beard.  But it's not.  It's thin, especially on the lower lip.

I've tried minoxidil twice in the past.  I'm not sure when or for how long I did the first, but the second round I started in late 2017 and ran for about 9 months.  In both attempts I had ZERO gains.  Literally nothing grew while I was on it, and aside from feeling my chest rumble for a week like it does when I eat too much chocolate I had no side effects either. 

On my last attempt I even made a point of wiping the excess from my fingers onto my stomach to see if those vellus hairs would respond.  They did not. It was like applying water to my skin(I used both liquid and foam)

So why will this time be different?

This time I'm going to war,

  • I have a 540/0.75mm dermaroller on the way
  • I've ordered powered L-carnitine L-tartrate
  • Made a peppermint/jojoba mix
  • Getting a physical to verify my starting T levels
  • Starting a lifting routine after my physical

I'm debating on doing my stomach because it will be an easy way to see if anything is being accomplished,  With my beard most of my beard area is already covering it to some degree so it's harder to see the difference.  My stomach?  I just look down, and it's covered with visible vellus hair so if my body is going to respond, it will respond there.


I'll be starting some of these things asap, but I won't start the minox, LCLT, or lifting until after the physical because I want to have a true baseline.

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Java07 Jul 26 '21
So… any luck third time around? Did your extra additions make any difference?
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