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wiwicks Jan 10

What makes you want a beard? Is it the status? The look? There's a ton of reasons to rock a man mane, what's yours?

For me it's the fact that I've never had a lot of facial hair and neither has anyone in my family. Plus I guess you could call us a "clean" family, everyone has been taught to look clean and that usually just culminates into a shaving routine. So I'm just venturing where no one in my family goes to see what can come of it. It's a journey for the sake of the journey.

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Jan 11
I think my passion for beards stems a lot from a similar situation. I'm from a military family. Including my dad and brother, we have a combined 46 years in the military. So growing up, while I couldn't really grow facial hair and I didn't need to shave often, it was a thing. My dad was always clean shaved and even took that into his retirement. Although he does have stubble every now and then simply from not shaving every single day like he had to before.

I also grew up in a few Asian countries, where beards aren't common for obvious reasons, so they were never a part of my life. I never thought about beards whatsoever.

Fast forward to the point I got out of the military, and I'm not even sure what triggered it, but I just really wanted a beard. So I'd be online looking at progression pictures and eventually it just became a huge thing for me. I wouldn't be able to pinpoint how it started, but it did.

So at this point, I consider my beard a lifestyle. I think I will always rock some sort of beard for the rest of my life (because, being realistic, I might not keep a big beard for the rest of my life, there could be times I decide to trim down or even shave and regrow it). I like how beards look, I like how my beard looks, and I especially like the mature look that it gives. Not only for myself who has always had a baby face and looks younger than I am, but I've admired that "wise" feeling it gives me when I see others with a beard.

But yeah, my beard is definitely part of my life at this point and it's something I'm proud to have, despite it not being an actual accomplishment. Well, growing a large one is an accomplishment in my eyes.

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Horsfield2001 Jan 11
I've had a goatee for over a decade now. This past November I decided to try and grow the rest to raise money for Movember (didn't really work). At the end of the month my dad suggested I keep the beard. So I did. It's finally starting to look and feel better.
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I was never really able to wear a beard till I left Federal service and became a private contractor. Once that happened I refused to shave because I get a 5 o clock shadow by noon if I shave in the morning. It want from that to starting my own beard oil company, and the rest as they say.....
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