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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Nov 19 '16
As I continue to watch UFC Fight Night 99, I was beginning to wonder what sports Beard Profile members like to watch. We could talk about the ones you play as well, if you play any.

I normally watch international soccer and UFC, and sometimes football but usually around Super Bowl time.

Combat sports are some of my favorite, so I tend to watch most UFC events. I like seeing that raw 1 vs 1 skill in sports, and MMA provides such a wide array of fighting styles. I do like boxing, although I don't watch it often because, as exciting as it can get, it feels very linear to me.

Which sports do you usually watch? Are you a hardcore fan of the sports, or a bit more casual?

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CaptainJacksCo Sep 28 '17
I too watch a bit of football, always watch the superbowl. I used to be more into football when i was in high school but not so much anymore. Baseball is always on in our house. I great up playing baseball, and my son plays baseball. However we are a house divided between LA Dodger and SF Giants so when they play each other it can get a bit out of hand lol. 
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Robrussel24 Nov 26 '17
I'm all about hockey. I really like the fast-paced excitedness of the game. I find it pretty cool that all the players grow beards in the playoffs as well 
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wishyouluck71 Nov 28 '17
I usually watch basketball and football.
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guest21 Dec 1 '17
I don't like sport. I prefer to watch movies :) 
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AngryBeardCompany Dec 4 '17
I watch UFC and Calico Storico. Throw a little European football into the mix and I am a happy man
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SalFocus Jan 3 '18
Football (American Football as it's known to us in the U.K.), boxing, UFC and Football (soccer to you guys over the Atlantic).

Raiders, MCFC.
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AeroRoad Jan 5 '18
I watch hockey and cycling.  Love watching the Olympics when it comes around as well.

I am an amateur cyclist and spend 8-12 hours a week on the bike year round. (Inside this time of the year due to weather.) I ride road, hence the name.  Prefer criterium races and time trials over the hilly stuff.
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Liam Mar 22 '19

I love to watch rugby and Kyokushin karate.

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