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Dany6 Apr 21 '21

Hi guys i'm new on here.
I've been growing mustache/beard for almost 4 months now and was using some cheap plastic normal comb like THIS one.And lately i've noticed it's kinda harder to comb thru mustache hairs with it,and i'm worried i'm gonna pull the hairs out with it.
So how easier is it to comb mustache with one of those cellulose acetate combs?and btw i'm not using any product for my mustache nor beard (no oil,no wax).
I found these ones but not sure which one to buy,so i'd need some help with it if possible.
There are some combs that says "beard and mustache comb",and the tooth size is all the same.But mustache com should be fine tooth right?and for a thicker,curly beard wider?
So here they are:
I know about the Kent's mustache comb the tiny one,but the shipping would be too high for me here where i live if i ordered it from ebay,even higher on Amazon....So i wouldn't be able to get one.

How better is this rosewood than cellulose acetate comb?

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