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Cemmos Team
Cemmos May 28 '16
I tend to watch a lot of movies, so this topic should be helpful to find some new stuff! What was the last movie you watched, or one that you've seen recently?

I'm about to watch Hardcore Henry, I've been hearing some positive stuff about it. And the third Never Back Down movie as well, but I'm skeptical of how that will turn out.
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AngryBeardCompany Jul 1 '16
Just watched the Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts. Pretty inspiring
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wiwicks Jan 16 '17
Zoolander 2, a bit of a let down. 
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wiwicks Jan 24 '17
I didn't just finish this movie, but I feel it needs to be mentioned....."Sausage party". I don't think my jaw has ever dropped in a movie so much. I caught myself so many times looking around for 2 reasons about every 15 minutes; either to say WTF?! or to try and see who was in there seeing me watch it, because I felt like this was the type of movie that you watch in an adult theater, lol. IF you've seen it, you know what I mean, if you haven't and are thinking about seeing it....Please don't bring your kids.
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Liam Mar 22 '19

I was reviewing my favorite cartoon of childhood, I decided to stalk. Called steel giant :)

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