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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Aug 20 '20

Sam gave some of the story on YouTube, as well as Adam from the Beard Solution, both of which were administrators of The Minox Beard Spot along with myself. So for a fuller picture, check out their videos.

TMBS was sold by its founder recently to a person that runs a derma roller company. Being initially created as a "brotherhood," its founder has not been active in the group for the past few years, attempting to move onto other ventures. When approached by the buyer, the founder came to Sam and I to talk about the possibility of him selling the group. I knew from the start that it would happen and that talking to us was simply a formality. At first seemingly respectable, but in the end feeling more like saving face than anything.

The founder can make that decision, as he already has. But when your idea of the group was to be a brotherhood, you absolutely should not sell them out. You should not leave your admins and moderators, who quite frankly have worked harder than yourself to build the group, to pick up the reins for the person that bought the group from you. Putting cash in your pocket over your own morals truly shows the facade of your public persona. 

The group was never meant to be a place to take advantage of people using minoxidil. I had been an admin since a couple of weeks within its creation, coming up on 5 and a half years ago. Admittedly, I never believed in it being a brotherhood, although I respected and at times endorsed the idea. I thought of the group as a place that could learn, and in turn teach people, about minoxidil use for growing more facial hair. To be able to grow a beard that we never thought we could. Utilizing the studies and clinical trials we had at hand, it was a place to dispel myths and push logical and thoughtful discussion.

What the group wasn't, was a place to take advantage of its members and to push products onto them. It was never a place where we collected personal information like email addresses so that we could build a mailing list for a company. When the buyer was made admin, this was not only his intention, but what he began doing on day 0. I knew I wouldn't want to administrate for a person like this. I gave my advice on how not to be disreputable and how the buyer should truly want to help and teach people, not make profit or think of members as customers. In turn, for being a genuinely good person, people might be willing to support his business venture. If I could make a bad thing a little better before I left, I thought I'd try.

But now it's time to move on. It was never the plan and I never gave thought to leaving the group, despite being off minoxidil for a long time now. I will not allow another person's actions to reflect on my character.

Adam, Sam, and myself have created a new Facebook group — the Beard Pub. While it is not minox beard specific, it welcomes the refugees of TMBS and aims to be the place we first envisioned TMBS to be. It's beard-centric, about all things beards, on top of off-topic discussions to build a real community. Not one with the intention of taking advantage of its members.

I do want to make one last note, however: TMBS in its essence was what we wanted it to be. It only took two people to bring it to the low it is now at. So for those of you that are still in the group, get your pals from that group to come join us over at the new one. There are still a lot of good people in there and it would be a shame to see them taken advantage of.

- Cemmos


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OldScar Aug 26 '20

Sorry to hear that. It is a sad thing that everything can be bought and sold. I am glad i never joined that group, but i am seriously considering about joining the new one.

What about this site? Is it still officially active? Seems to be pretty quiet these days...

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Aug 26 '20

Yeah, bit sad how things turn out, but oh well. Mostly just letting people know how things went down, and from there they can decide if it matters to them or not. Life goes on!

As for this site, yeah, it's been fairly quiet. With social media being so easily accessible and something that people generally use everyday, things like Facebook groups tend to be the first option, sadly. So when people join up here, they may be active for a short time, but eventually they start forgetting to visit. Not really an ingrained habit, and there's not as much of the instant gratification that comes with posting on social media sites.

It's still definitely something I want to keep going, but it's tough to get more people here. It might be easier if I utilized things like advertisements on other platforms, but since the site isn't really meant for monetization-first, it doesn't really generate enough to be able to do that sort of stuff. So it comes down to mostly word of mouth. Still here though! It's still a big part of my life and I'll keep at it.

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OldScar Aug 26 '20

Yeah, social media seems to be the thing for most people. Don't get me wrong, i also use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, but for certain things (like discussing about beard growing) i prefer good old forums over social media.

For me it isn't about likes or hearts, i am more interested about the actual content and peoples ideas. That is often missing from the hectic world of social media.

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