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Jonzz Jan 27 '16
Do you guys wear sunglasses? Which type is your favorite? Mine are these:

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morganmiller May 8 '16
I like aviator type sunglasses.
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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Jun 2 '16
I got a new pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers a few days ago. I also rock a pair of Sperry's sunglasses every now and then that I picked up last year. I've always liked how aviators look, but they don't really go well with my head. Though with the beard, I'm finding that I can rock a lot more styles these days (sunglasses and other types of apparel).

The limited edition I picked up, because they were on sale:

And the Sperry's. This is a stock image, I didn't take it:

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AngryBeardCompany Jun 30 '16

Arnette in White

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theman55555 Mar 8 '17

I attempted to make my own wooden sunglasses brand so now I just wear a bunch of these bamboo sunglasses. The pair up their is my current favorite. 

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libertyjustice May 15 '17
Big fan of ray bans. I don't know about other brands..... haven't tried that many. Would love to hear about other Sunglasses?
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Sparks99 Jun 16 '17
I've always played cricket and grew up in the height of the Oakley era. Have some Livestrong half-jackets for sport and Monster dog for everyday. I use a pair made by a small brand in the UK called sunwise for work and they are the comfiest and have best lenses of any I've worn and are all extremely good value.
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CaptainJacksCo Aug 29 '17
 I stick with the classic wayfarers. 
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Latti Apr 13 '18

Sure, I wear sunglasses. My total preference is Ray-Ban, because their shape suits my face and hairstyle (at least imo). But what I really dislike is people, who wearing sunglasses daily, no matter which the weather is. That’s why I have clear glasses for cloudy weather.

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PNWViking May 3 '18
I’m all in on Blenders right now. Their shades are comparable to big name $150+ glasses, but usually they go for around $30.
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DChris Jul 1 '19

I barely did, I do have a couple of Ray-Ban's in the stocks which I used time to time ;)

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airheater Aug 14 '19

Yeah! Look at me 


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s1974 Sep 10 '20

I live in a sunny place and get a pounding headache if I stay outside too long without eye protection.  I only wear wrap-arounds because the flat ones defeat the entire purpose of sunglasses due to the amount of light that leaks in.

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unter_feuer Jan 21

s1974, another headache sufferer here. I tend to wear sunglasses a lot because I don’t like migraines very much and that's enough to me. The math is simple: bright flashes of light/bright lights can trigger this condition. So yay for sunglasses. 
Ray-Ban aviators for me, love them as they are stylish af. 

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