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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Jan 22 '16
Whether they're sports shoes, oxfords, or chukkas — let's see 'em! On your feet or on display, either way.
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Rinalds Jan 23 '16
My shoes really depends on time of the day and job I'm doing. I don't own more then 2 sports.. Usually I have classic things in my wardrobe. 

My last purchase was these red boots.. love them

But mostly I have this kind of style in my wardrobe.. 

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ChrisA Jan 27 '16
This is my type of thing: 
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Jonzz Jan 27 '16
I always loved skate shoes. I am and was wearing them for at least 15 years now. Stuff like this:

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JPoms Jan 31 '16

My Merrell Chameleons. Not fashionable, but really damn comfortable. Great for running, hiking, cycling, and kicking in doors. 

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AngryBeardCompany Jun 30 '16


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IAmTheAttack Aug 27 '16
the red ones are tiiiight !!
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Boondock Jun 1 '17
These are my new ones
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theman55555 Jun 15 '17
Image result for puma suede black and gold This is what I have been rocking lately.
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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Jul 9 '17

Just got these delivered from Amazon a few days ago (Iron Ranger from Red Wing Shoes). Can't wait until they're broken in and worn, they tend to look even better as they age. Great quality leather and goodyear welted. These ones came with the Vibram mini-lug soles, so they have much better grip than the nitrile cork soles they originally came with.

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Scouttyke Feb 25

Just got my pair of https://areni1.store/product/a1-pht-red/ brand new shoes. Like how the leather is tooled on the top. I'm a fan of the brand since I bought my first pair there.

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DChris Jul 4

Well! I got some Nike Sneakers we all know how it looks... what are some goods boots to try I am out for dressing shoe?

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