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aliek9076 Aug 10 '18

hello everyone, i need a good suggestion for my rough and curly beard. its to annoying for me to every time i have to straight my beard with normal gel and after using gel it become hard. now i got rough beard because of using too much hard gel on my beard. so please help me out with a best solution for this. thanks

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Natural_guy Sep 18 '18

Hey mate! I am a professional hairdresser with a passion for nice beards ;) Since I’m also a vegan, I try to use only pure and organic brands, which I also recommend to my clients. Currently, the best product for my beard is this one: https://virginic.com/collections/oils/products/too-sexy-for-that-beard-oil. If you want to have a really soft beard that is shiny and in a good condition, go for it. It has only natural ingredients, so it will not harm you in any way, so you can try it out. My clients like it, I like it so maybe you will too :)

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kendraallen Oct 2 '18

nice sharing!!

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kendraallen Oct 2 '18

aliek9076  check out the list of some best beard oil hope you will like it


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Jet327 Oct 7 '18

aliek9076  Also check out AngryBeardCompany .  They have a blend just for curly beards.  Its what I use and it straightens it quite nicely.  There are also new beard combs and brushes coming out that are like straightening irons for your beard, but the heat could damage your beard

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Missionbeard Nov 20 '18

Rough and itchy beard is a common problem faced by most of the men. For some men, maintenance is optional which results in beard related problem. Mission beard have all solutions for the rough, itchy and patchy beard. You just need to consider a few things. Moreover, you may choose different beard styles for the different and unique beard.

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BeardedShorty Nov 25 '18

Hello, a good beard oil and balm used every day will stop the roughness and using proper techniques with the hairdryer and combing will get your beard straight. 
www.manlybeardoil.co.uk can supply you with the beard oils and balms you require and also help you with how to guides on getting your beard to your perfect style.

Please contact us with any questions

Thank you.  

ChrisMBO Ambassador

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