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OldScar May 26 '20

Hello everyone!

I am a 43 years old man from Finland and i have had problems with growing my beard all my life.
I have decent growth on mustache area, soul patch area and chin/neck area, but cheeks have always been almost bald and mustache doesn't connect to beard. So, lot of empty space to fill.

I have read tons of information about minoxidil, dermarolling and other stuff, mostly from this site, but some other sources also.

So, i have already started my journey a week ago and i am now trying to find the perfect routine for me.

So far i have used minoxidil (Rogaine 5%) applying about 1ml twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I have let it do it's magic for at least four hours before washing or moisturizing (and i leave it work for the whole night with the evening application). So, i think i have that part covered.

Today i will get my dermaroller (0.5 needles) and i am planning to take it in to use this week. My plan is to use dermaroller once per week and on that day i don't use Rogaine, so there is 24hrs gap between dermarolling and minoxidil.

Lastly, i just read the guide on this site about how to create my own beard oil mixture and based on that i have a formula i am thinking i'd try.
It would contain jojoba oil, jamaican black castor oil and pure peppermint oil.
I was thinking that it could have for example jojoba and black castor 50/50 ratio and then add a bit of peppermint to get about 3% strenght on that.
That would be the oil for my beard area. I was thinking applying twice per day at least.

So the routine would be something like this:
6 days per week: minoxidil morning and evening. My own beard oil a couple of times per day (taking in to account the 4 hours for minoxidil).
1 day per week, dermarolling and maybe the own beard oil, if that's ok?

So, how does that plan sound to you guys?
Is it a good idea to mix the oil in the way i described above?
Can i use that oil on the same day i do the dermarolling?

Other things i have done, is that i try to eat pretty healthy and i exercise regularly. I also try to get enough sleep, although on some nights that doesn't happen. But i try :)

Have i missed something or do i have a sound plan for my journey?

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OldScar May 27 '20

Did the first dermarolling yesterday evening. It was easier than i had thought, so it certainly stays in the routine.
This morning i didn't apply minox, next application this evening when at least 24hrs has passed from the rolling.

I am not sure if i am imagining things or is something really happening already, but for the last few days i think i have noticed some hair in spots where there wasn't any before. The reason i am doubting it is that, i have been using minox for only a week, so could it be doing anything yet... well, i will stick to my routine and see what happens.

Will post pictures here at some point, when there is something to compare.

Still hoping that someone could comment on the beard oil i was planning to mix and use. That's the only thing i am not sure about at this time.

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OldScar Jun 1 '20

Seems to be pretty quiet in here, but i will keep updating this. Just to keep a journal to myself at least :)

I have found adequate answers for my oil/derma rolling question. I will not apply my own beard oil mixture immediately after derma rolling, but i'll wait 10-12 hours before doing that. The reasoning is that i don't want the PEO to absorb too deeply in to my skin, same as with Minox.

Not ready to post pictures, but even though it has been less than two weeks on the journey, i am seeing hair in spots that there certainly wasn't any before. So, it is already safe to say that the stuff works for me. How well it works? That remains to be seen. I am planning to put a picture update in 1-3 months, depending on when there is some real progress to show.

It's almost one week from my first derma rolling, tomorrow will be the second.

Dry skin has been a bit of an issue and the moisturizer i usually use, doesn't seem to be enough.
Today i will start using this:

Should be a quality moisturizer and also contains SPF25 protection, so i would assume that it is an ideal moisturizer during the Minox journey.

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OldScar Jul 17 '20

It's been a while. Closing in on the 2 months mark on my journey and i have been consistent with the routine i described earlier. Last month i missed two days in a row, because of a trip, but otherwise been doing the routine every day.

It is still early days on my journey, but results are coming. Actually i am seeing more new hair than i would have thought to see at this point at my age. Most of the new stuff is probably vellus and can only be seen in correct lightning, but especially cheeks have a lot of growth which wasn't there before i started my journey.

My first minox bottle (Rogaine liquid) lasted 1,5 months, so taken in to account the days i don't apply due to dermarolling, i think i have used quite a good amount of the liquid. Could use a bit more and still be on the safe side. So, that is good to know.

One thing to note is that my mustache is growing really fast. And it is much thicker than it used to be and between the terminal hairs, i can see new vellus hairs, so it is certain that my mustache will look quite a lot better at the end of the journey. 

Still planning to go at least one year and then see where i am at. If needed, i'll continue as dry skin is the only constant side effect and even that is not too bad. I've also had mild headaches from time to time, but not too often and not too bad.

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OldScar Jan 28

It's been even a longer while, but i am still on my journey.

Around the 9 months mark now and the progress has been very slow in the recent months. But i am still making progress. At times it looks like nothing is happening, but then all of the sudden, several new hairs appear. I am not even close to my goal yet, but i haven't given up hope. The areas that were strong to begin with, are now even stronger. And the weak areas have had significant increase in the amount of hairs, although not enough to actually let them grow yet.

 Will be posting at some point in the future with new update.

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