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Cambeard Dec 31 '16
Hi guys 

I have been using rogane foam for a week now 

After reading all about minox

I am amazed at what this stuff can do 

I am currently at 6 months ish without minox 

Hoping to fill these patches in 

I dont no if its just my mind playing tricks 

But when the sun light hits my face just rite 

Im posotive my cheeks have new velus 

Then i think 

Surley cannot be possible after 5 days use of minox 

I wash my face with just hot water 

Then apply half a cup of rogaine foam 

And repeat in evening 

Cheers guys

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Dec 31 '16
Welcome to the journey! Minox literally changed my life, I absolutely love how I can grow a full beard now because of it. 

5 days is quick to see results, but it can definitely happen. We've seen it happen quite often. But remember: this really is a journey and it will take a good amount of months to really appreciate the amount of new growth you're getting. And since you already have a beard, it may be harder to see progress, so be sure to snap quality pics every couple of weeks and you'll definitely notice the difference, even when you feel you've hit a couple of stagnant months (happens to everyone).

Let me know if you have any specific questions, and be sure to share your progress! It's always great having progress documented. And I'm unsure if you're on FB or The Minox Beard Spot group on there, but consider joining if you aren't. There's many more people sharing progress there, so it's great for inspiration/motivation.

Although stick around here too, we need more minox journeymen sharing progress 'round these here parts.

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LitzinLager1 Dec 31 '16
I definitely saw results in the way of vellus hair in the first week as well. I'm at 5 weeks now and I'm truly amazed. Remember that consistency is key. I look forward to watching your progress.
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Cambeard Jan 10 '17
Yo guys i am just past 2 weeks ish on foam now i have just got some liquid 

I decided to trim my beard way way down lol 

Not sure if theres much change 

I keep telling my self 

Im sure it looks like more coverage haha 

Loving the journey so far 

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LitzinLager1 Jan 11 '17
I'm going on 7 weeks now and I've seen a lot of new growth when looking on the mirror. Most of that hasn't started showing in pictures yet. Stay positive and consistent and I'm sure the persistence will pay off!
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Cambeard Jan 13 '17
Wow guys the burn and itch off the liquid 


Kinda makes it worthwhile just for that lol 

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