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Twist Nov 27 '18

I have been using minx for about 2 years now (since 2016), but not consistently. I am an extremely fast gainer and short on money so my method for these past two years was: apply it for a month, my beard gets completely full, and then i stop applying until i start losing the hairs i have gained (which takes about 4 months). It worked amazingly.

However, i decided to start my journey the way it's supposed to be started and let my terminal hairs completely come out. I started applying exactly a month ago and i am still using, however, there is something different this time around. As i said, i am a fast gainer. For example, last year after not applying for 4 months, i lost all minx gains so i decided to quickly jump back on just until my beard gets fuller again. Keep in mind that three bottles of minx which should last for three months last me about a year because of this on and off consuming. So, after starting the usage again, it took me about three weeks to completely grow my beard again, and that is insanely fast. So i stopped again, and after a few months repeated it, and as i continued doing that "on and off" method i noticed that it took longer and longer each time for minx to start working.

So now, after 2 years of "on and off" usage, i bought new bottles and have been using for a month and still continuing. I have experienced less gains than ever. Last year this time around after using for a month, my beard would be completely full, with no bald spot whatsoever, now it's different and the process seems to be slower which i am not sure why (so if anyone knows i would really appreciate the help).

Did my skin adapt to minox so ihave to use more? Doubt it since i didn't use anything for 4 months and minox is completely out of my system.

Bad minox? No, it's the same one i always use.

Using too little? I always applied once a day for 1ml and it worked fast.

Not sure what exactly changed, but i will continue to write this and share what i learned as the journey goes on. If anyone wants to see pictures i can put them here no problem.

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Nov 27 '18

Thanks for sharing your experience. I suppose it might have something to do with minoxidil resistance. I know you mentioned you likely didn't adapt due to the break(s), but it's possible for the body to get used to certain things even with time off. Hard to say though and I wouldn't necessarily roll with that 100%.

I honestly believe the best thing to do is to stay consistent and use as much as most people do — three bottles in a year is likely not giving enough oomph for the process to take place; it's essentially boosting vellus, then not allowing the hair to develop due to the lack of minoxidil present in the follicles.

Also be a bit patient again, as one month shouldn't do much (I understand you gain vellus quickly, but overall one month is still a short time). Around 3-4 months of consistent usage is where I tend to say most people even start seeing gains, then it gets better from there on out, with some slow weeks here and there.

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Twist Nov 28 '18

Thanks for replying. Yeah i only used it on and off because i was short on money and saw it working very well so i just rolled with it but this time i will do it right.

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