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Amjadkhan17 Sep 7 '19
So i was two months into my minox journey using liquid, an my itch got really bad so one night I literally scratched my beard n face like crazy and like a dummy, shortly after put minox on my face which burned. Anyway next morning after my shower i put minox on an my face for the next week or so was extremely dry and red, irritated & puffy. I switched to foam an it took maybe two applications and my face was back to normal again! I thought wow i can continue my journey uninterrupted. Until now...

About a week and half ago i started getting irritation on the areas i was applying(foam) So i slowly cut back and used more and more moisturizer and it took about 3 days of no minox for the area to clear up. However in this time i still used minix foam on my weak areas like connectors and chin. An its getting really red & irritated. I do moisturize so im not sure what i can do without having to stop. Iv come so far its over 3 months now an i would hate to have to stop. Any suggestions?! I have attached some photos from last night.
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Joe12345 Sep 26 '19
Hi Amjad,

It does look a little aggravated, but doesn’t look too bad to me? Are you still itching it?

Does the foam continue to make it dry or was your skin dry before using Minox?


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Amjadkhan17 Sep 30 '19
So i started using hydrocortisone and that helped tremendously, it doesnt really itch most
Of the time but there are times it gets itchy but i try not to scratch.

The foam doesnt really dry anymore but i am also moisturizing constantly. I just have to be really cautions on use, i only use it 4 hours twice a day then wash it off an sleep with a clean face. If i leave it overnight the redness starts to come back which i been fighting back with hydrocortisone.
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