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Danielesquivias Jan 16 '20
Hey everyone, The issue I’m experiencing is one I have yet to come across. I’m only able to put Minox on once a day for various reasons , them being I work a night shift ( 10p - 6:30a ) and have a 1.5 year old daughter ( very active and usually awake when I get home in the morning ). I apply Minox when I leave to work at 10 but feel like one ml isn’t enough daily . I would apply it while I sleep but that’s usually from 5p-9p so the time in between applications wouldn’t be enough. Is it fine to apply Minox at 5p and then again at 2-3am ?
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BearBeardBro Mar 13 '21
I’ve been using minoxidil for a year and 2 months now and I can see a difference in hair, beard and body hair. Should I stop using it now ?
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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Mar 13 '21

BearBeardBro  see a difference in what sense? All that matters is that the hair is terminal (mature). If it is and you're happy, you can stop whenever you want. 

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BearBeardBro Mar 14 '21
The beard hair is terminal which was my original goal, and I’m very content with it. Sorry for not being very clear.

I’m also noticing that I’m getting headaches very recently, but I’m not very sure if it’s from using minoxidil, It’s the reason why I thought I’d ask whether I should stop or not. If it is, how long will it take for that to fade away ?
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theteachables Jun 22 '22

I stopped using minox and my beard has shrunk. I have also notice alot of shedding since I stopped. Will all of my beard fall off, or is this just a short term issue since I recently stopped?

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