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Plaid Feb 27 '16
Am I the only one who thinks that this particular leg wear does not look good when the man sports a long, thick beard? A quarter or half inch well trimmed beard.........maybe. But Paul Bunyan in shorts? No. Just.........no.
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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Feb 27 '16
Khaki shorts definitely seem like something that you need the right look for. Maybe a 5-o'clock shadow or some heavy stubble. But I agree, it seems a bit wrong with a larger, fuller beard. Curious to see someone pull that off though!
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Plaid Feb 29 '16
That would be a sight to see. I brought it up because I was thinking about the 20 somethings these days who are growing beards as a fashion statement, and wondered if the khaki crowd among them would do what I brought up.
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