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Darthmaul Feb 14 '16
Do you prefer to wear jeans or khakis? A mix of both? Neither?

For me, I prefer to wear khakis, and if I'm not dressing up I'll just wear sweatpants. I just don't like jeans. I used to wear them, but khakis are so much more comfy and they look so much better on me :P

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Feb 15 '16
I love a pair of jeans paired with a simple tee or v-neck, I like to keep things casual most of the time (though I do own a blazer, sports coat and suits, which I can also rock with the jeans or khakis).

I have a few pairs of chinos, it depends on how I feel like dressing on a particular day on what I wear.
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Junior Feb 24 '16
I like my Khakis these days. I used to be jeans only, and I still will wear a nice pair as part of leisure suit. But khakis are a big part of my wardrobe these days.
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Tigger Feb 24 '16
I am a jeans only kind of guy. I'm a cowboy from Texas, so khakis just don't really go with my personality. When I'm not on the ranch, I'm a pipeline inspector and jeans are what I wear to work.
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morganmiller May 8 '16
I like wearing jeans! Go great with everything and are very comfortable to use.
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AngryBeardCompany Jun 30 '16
Totally depends. Khakis are nice in the summer, jeans the rest of the time
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IAmTheAttack Aug 27 '16
jeans in my opinion

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scruff Jan 12 '17
At work we recently made the switch from business casual to allowing jeans (provided no rips or holes).  My wardrobe has shifted from being khaki heavy to jean heavy.

Note: Up until now, I've had a love/hate relationship with jeans.  Cuz of lifting, my legs don't tend to fit well with the regular cuts, and it makes it annoying to keep things in pockets or have to squat or kneel in jeans.  I used to joke that you could either lift or wear jeans, but not both.  Recently, though, I discovered some of these athletic fit jeans which have just a little bit of give in the fabric, and it's awesome!  Now I don't need to find jeans that bunch up around my waist just so my legs can fit with stuff in my pockets.

edited by scruff Jan 12 '17
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DChris Jul 8 '19

Hands Down Jeans...

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