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Paruwkoid Feb 19

Hi guys,

I am 30 years old and I can't grow a full beard. I am capable od growing quite decent mustache and something resembling a goatee, but I have weak coverage at the cheeks (I will add photo of me trying to grow something, I think it was around 2 full months of no shaving)

I see progress in my facial hair every year, but still I think, to grow a full beard without aby products it will take me a lot of time. My dad Was able to grow a full beard when he was around 40 :-D

To be honest, I am tired of waiting, so I thought about supporting my beard growth with Minoxidil. How do you think about it? Is it considered cheating or faking? 

Are u guys who used Minox happy that you taked that route, or do u regret it?

No offence to anyone, I made my decision and I have already ordered minoxidil so I am definitely taking that route. I am just curious of your opinions.

Cheers !


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