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BeardReverence Sep 13 '18

Hello Fellow Beardsmen, 

Here is a link to a quick survey of to help us move forward in creating new products. 


If you are interested in us by the end, feel free to message me for more info ! 

Thank you for your time. Stay bearded

Bead Reverence

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DChris Jul 12

wow, Thanks for sharing... I really wanna know about the product to make bread thicker?

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Good afternoon,

All Beard Reverence products are made with 100% natural ingredients giving your beard the nutrients it needs to promote healthy growth. As far as products to make beards thicker, there's not much out there for that. For the most part beard growth boils down to genetics, healthy living, and the proper beard products such as ours will help maintain consistent growth and healthiness. 

Unfortunately, the only thing that I have heard of to actually increase hair follicles or increase density is minoxidil, which is not usually found in beard specific products.  

However, if your looking for top quality products to keep your beard nourished and soft and amazing looking, check us out on Amazon. We just released 3 new scents, Sandalwood Idol, Tree Homage and Citrus Glory, and of course, we have our Original Unscented formula as well. Follow us @beardreverence on Instagram and Facebook. As well as follow @Revere_your_beard on Instagram for product updates and awesome bearded content.

If you are just starting out in purchasing products I would suggest checking out the Beard Reverence Ultimate Grooming Kit. It has everything you'll need to get started for proper beard care. 

Feel free to message me with other questions. Cheers. 

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