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DrewBT Feb 23 '18
So I've stumbled upon this, on the left there is a hair shaved from a manual razor and on the right is a hair shaved from an electric razor; all through a microscope. I've been using the electric shaver for a year now along with my minox journey because I always was under the impression that it was safer because it didn't cut as deep as a manual. Now immediately going to switch to manual razors. Hope I didn't do any damage or hinder possible gains. Source is found in this book: https://www.amazon.com/...vealed/dp/0521399408

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Feb 23 '18
If you're keeping your facial hair short, it's not really going to matter between using a razor or an electric trimmer. The hair will continually grow from the root, and the damage is being cut off the next time you trim or shave.

For guys that keep short beards and always trim/maintain, this isn't a big deal because the amount they're cutting is going to grow back soon. Nobody can see the damage that may be done to the ends of the hair.

For guys that are going with the full-blown long beards, it's a little more important since the damage can eventually lead to split ends and breakage. That makes them snip off more than they might want, making progress a little slower. Using scissors for the majority of maintenance would be better for these guys so that they have less damage at the ends over time.

All in all, it won't really matter since nobody can see the hair this closely anyway.

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AngryBeardCompany Feb 27 '18
I use a metal comb and glide the straight razor across it. Concern on this level should be minimal though bro, only a very sharp razor will cut like the one on the left, and can easily cut like the one on the right if not sharp. Be careful not to fall for all the "sky is falling" drama that is out there. The impact is minimal.
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Liam Mar 24

Hey! Guys, I need advice. My razor broke, she was not very good, so glad she broke.

Now I ordered a straight razor to take off the little hairs. I figured out with her, everything is fine here.

The problem is an electric razor, I have strange skin on my face, it is very easy to get hurt. A friend advised me to choose one of these razors, but he has no beard, so he came to you. Do you think there are good ones? The price is not critical, but more expensive than there I will not buy :)

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DChris Jul 3

Yeah... thats the effect of using an electric shaver on the long beard, I don't think it has effect atleast not as bad on the short beard... 

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airheater Aug 14

I think it’s very much face/stubble dependant.

I bought one year ago – it was an expensive Philips wonder shaver reduced from £150 to £75, I think.
I was working in Germany at the time and they were very strict on being clean-shaven. It was an early start each day and I assumed electric would be quicker and less irritating than wet shaving.

For me, it was rubbish. It irritated the buggery out of the skin on my neck & missed certain patches of hair completely that meant having to go round & round & up & down & left & right over the same area which caused more irritation. And it took longer to get a clean-ish shave all over, compared to wet shaving.
I figured it would take several weeks to adjust so persevered but it didn’t really get much better.

This razor had a ‘try it and send back if you don’t like it’ guarantee but I decided to keep trying it for too long & went past the deadline for returning it.

FWIW – my Dad has always used Braun electric razors and gets a really smooth shave with them. On the odd occasion I have borrowed them, I found them to perform better than the Philips one that I bought (but obviously I didn’t know that until I had tried the Philips).

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