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Victorovich Dec 18 '19

Ok, I've tried these things off an on but not for the past 4-5 years or so. When I had tried them they didn't work very well. I figure technology has improved and am looking to try one out again. I am willing to spend some $$$ for a quality shaver. I'm not looking to replace my good ol' mach 3, just something that I could use if I get lazy and don't feel like lathering up.



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unter_feuer Jan 22

Not sure where my previous comment did go, but once again - be extremely careful with Norelco, it pinched my skin a lot. Now I stick to the Braun's and I like the quality. 

Here's the one I use: 
Description can be found here w/o any problems. 

edited by unter_feuer Jan 24
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