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Vixo May 13

Been dermarolling since start of my minoxidil-journey, 14 months.

I haven't been up to date lately. Is this post just bullshit or some new studies show that dermarolling can be bad?


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Cemmos Team
Cemmos May 14

I'm not going to say all of it is wrong per se, but none of their references used derma roller studies, of which we do have out there. They're essentially trying to correlate some studies with a derma roller in mind.

EDIT: Welp, I see they sell face serums and such. They will get a lot of traffic from that anti-derma roller article that will help funnel people to their own products. I wouldn't trust the article. 

edited by Cemmos May 14
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Vixo May 14


Could've done the "research" myself but was too lazy. Thanks again!

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