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BeardTest Oct 11 '17
One person is advertising his products a LOT. Could there be sticky topic where people can sell their stuff?

Also is there a way to block a picture inside a post? 

For example if one guy ALWAYS posts a picture of him in his comments is there a way not to see that face all the time?

I have been browsing today this place and every topic I visit that guy has to comment. Kinda irritating to look at his face all the time.


Nice! You made a sticky for that guy to advertise in. I hope now he will not be allowed to spam his product in every topic.

Now if only I could block/ignore his posts that would be great. He reminds me of those instagram girls that have to post their pictures all the time. 


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itsworking Oct 12 '17
Lol, I know exactly which guy you are talking about :) While I agree that the photo in almost every post gets a bit annoying I do think he adds a lot of valuable information by participating in the discussions on here.
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AngryBeardCompany Oct 16 '17
I'm wondering why It wasn't just brought to the individuals attention so it could be addressed. Peculiar. I will take your fragile sensibilities into consideration in the future.
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BeardTest Oct 16 '17
Calm down. If constructive criticism makes you so agitated that is your problem.
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AngryBeardCompany Oct 16 '17
Oh no worries you wont get a rise out of me. To answer your question all you have to do is go to a members profile and block them under more for options. That will take care of  any ongoing discomfort on your end
edited by AngryBeardCompany Oct 16 '17
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BeardTest Oct 18 '17
My son, no one is trying to "get a rise" out of you. 

That being said, " edited by AngryBeardCompany Oct 16 " ;-) 

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