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wiwicks Jan 16 '17
Seems that along with trying to grow a beard, I'm finding the want to try other indulgences I have yet to give a serious thought to, like cigars. Anyone coming across the same trend or already smoke them? If you do, what do you prefer? How many did you try until you found your preference? Any knowledge nuggets for a starter? I've yet to have my first one. But that is changing tomorrow evening (yes, i've planned it like a weirdo). I'll check back before I light up to catch any last hints. Let me know what you guys use and do, or just post pictures of what you keep stashed. Thanks guys!
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Horsfield2001 Jan 16 '17
Voluntarily addicting myself to a substance that will ultimately kill me in an excruciatingly painful way? No thank you.
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wiwicks Jan 17 '17
What did your momma tell you about nice things to say?
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AngryBeardCompany Jan 19 '17
Yup. I'm a Sinclair guy. After eating right, exercising all the time, and having no habits, I realized.....I can still step off the curb and get hit by a bus sooooo....screw it lol

Try the Bohemians from Sinclair. Great cigar.

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wiwicks Jan 20 '17

I'll look into them, and just to get a reference, because I've been doing research and there is a lot out there on cigars, what are your tastes as far as cigars go? What makes you like the sinclairs?

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AngryBeardCompany Jan 30 '17
I like the middle of the road stuff. Maduros are way too strong. Gotta smoke it with whiskey to keep from hacking in it. The Sinclair Bohemian line has 3 different ones from mild to upper mid strength. I like them because they don't have that floral taste or smell to them these are deep nutty mocha flavors. Real nice. They are my go to cigar. I also smoke Arturo Fuente Opus X but only on special occasions. $80 per cigar is a little steep to be your every day cigar.
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gsmith28 Jul 14 '17
Alec bradleys are good, Henry clay, and even if your local tobacconist has some house blend cigars I haven't had a bad one of those yet. The main thing is find your preference from light- medium, medium full. Most people recommend starting light and working your way up. My first cigar was an Alec Bradley sanctum nice medium body. With a spicy flavor to it.
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tom41 Nov 29 '17
i hate cigars, they smell horrible!
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guest21 Dec 2 '17

ugh, cigarettes are awful! they stink terribly.

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