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JPoms Feb 1 '16
When I was really into fitness, I read dozens of books on diet and exercise. There was one that really changed my life, so I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who's looking to get in shape:

"The Abs Diet" ; It was written by that Men's Health Editor Mark. Zacinco (sp).

I don't know how much it has changed over the years...they've released several new editions since I got my copy, but it really does contain everything you need to know. And yes, I went from 32% body fat to having abs. (It took two years, but whatever lol)

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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Feb 1 '16
Damn, nice change regardless of if it took two years! I'll have to check it out, my abs are literally the only things I want to improve right now. Everything else I'm good with, decent body fat percentage (haven't measured it though, just going off of looks).

What year did you pick up the book? Like in 2014? I just checked it out on Amazon, it's only 15 USD for 330+ page paperback. Niiice.
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JPoms Feb 1 '16

Quote from Cemmos
What year did you pick up the book? Like in 2014? I just checked it out on Amazon, it's only 15 USD for 330+ page paperback. Niiice.
Way before that actually. It was probably like 2006. They keep releasing new editions, but I'm willing to bet the only thing that changes is the chapter where he talks about popular diets. They probably change them to keep up with current trends. Like I guarantee he has something about Paleo in there now. 

Even if you get the 10 year old version it's worth the read! A lot of great stuff in there. 

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theman55555 Jun 15 '17
Progress is progress!
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BeardTest Oct 24 '17
The OP has no post history and to me he seems to be a shill advertising that book.

The book it self is horrible. The title it self is a good sign of what it is. Also "Man's health" a LOT of times is so far from anything to health it is not even funny.

If after reading a "dozens of books on diet and exercise" you say this one is the "best evar" then you are either a lier or ....

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DChris Jul 10 '19

I don't know about your specific one but I like to change my workout in every 3 weeks or so, it helps me to be consistent and because the change challenge it helped me to continue ... :)

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airheater Aug 14 '19

Have you checked out 'Optimum Sports Nutrition' by Michael Colgan? Tons of data and the references to back up his info. More specific than general dietary advice - he details nutrients, minerals, supplements, etc. Not an easy read, but well worth it. 

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