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PikachuThunderbolt Jan 12 '17
Hey! New member here!

I have a prom party in a few days and I'm willing to get my beard done to look more presentable. I'm wearing a close-cropped beard right now.Do you have any tips on how to trim it for a formal event? Should I let it grow a little more? Going to the barber shop is a good option? This is as long as I can let it grow without it looking shaggy/not smooth.

Thanks everyone!

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wiwicks Jan 15 '17
I think its short enough to where you don't have to worry about doing anything with it other than your normal routine. The only thing you might do, is sure up the lines, and that's only if you feel the need because you look solid to me in those pics. I think you're good to go as is. Enjoy your prom and your beard!
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AngryBeardCompany Jan 19 '17
Honestly its pretty good bro. If you have a good beard barber have him drop the cheek line a bit and sharpen the edges. Other than that you are solid.

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