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brodybro Jun 19 '19

Beard Balm sounds good, thank you for your introduction. I have been using beard oil for a long time and have not seriously understood other products. I think if I meet the Beard Balm you said, I will give it a try.

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DChris Jul 2 '19

I also like to switch between both but usually my choice is Beard Balm because its less messy, anyways thanks for sharing :)

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beardmcpherson Jul 17 '19

It depends on the type of balm you use. 

You can get conditioning balms (that basically is like a dry form of beard oil). 

So using beard oil and conditioning oil at the same time is overdoing it in my opinion. 

Your beard is going to get really greasy. 

However, you can also get styling beard balms.

Which are obviously for styling.

I know these guys do some really highly respected ones (won awards etc.):


Then couple that up with a beard oil. 

I would just experiment really - see what works best for you. 

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samden Dec 11 '19

You should go for Beard Oil. It really helps the beard become more soft and thick, and having a dry and rough beard is not a pretty sight nor feeling

You can check some beard oil types out at


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