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Zaid Jul 3

Hello friends  Im 21 years old. english language is bad 

I use minoxidil zed . mark Turkey

In 3 months. Now use KIRKLAND

And use Zinc. 5‪0mg. Mark now

Note .. I use only in places where. No hair

The mustache is good but the beard is weak

I will continue this trip but need tips

Two days ago I have a beard beard .. I do not know should be shaving always .. And what to use

I also needed moisturizer for the skin and lotion for the face .. I have a sensitive and fatty skin .. I used soap every day two months ago

Now the skin looks tired because I use soap only one day a week

Thank you .. I will send everything here

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ali Jul 8

Don't stress yourself brother , it's ok

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Zaid Jul 8

Thanks man

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ali Jul 8

No problem :)

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