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aadittmar Jan 14


Hello Brethren, 

I, like you, seek to grow a beard using minoxidil. I am starting this post mostly as a way to hold myself accountable and also because I've been an admirer of this forum for the last couple years, blown away by the progress (and lack of it) of everyone's journeys. 

I started two weeks ago to this date (an obvious new years resolution). Hopefully this one will stick!

Biggest surprise of the last two weeks is how long dermarolling takes! I did it last night for the first time. Not sure I did it right. Hope so!



  • Sunday:       AM: 5% Foam     PM: Dermarolling (0.5)
  • Monday:       AM: Nothing        PM: 5% Foam
  • Tuesday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Wednesday: AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Thursday:     AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Friday:          AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Saturday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam

End of Week 2 - Front

End of Week 2 - Right

End of Week 2 - Left

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im a noob myself but it looks like good progress just a few more areas to fill in

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aadittmar Jan 21


Things have gone smoothly in Week 3. I have made one (maybe) significant change to my routine. After reading about some users not responding to the foam I decided that I would do the foam in the mornings and the liquid at night. The liquid takes much longer to dry 

I have not noticed any side affects so far. My skins is somewhat dry, but not unusually so, especially in the winter. I haven't used any sort of moisturizer yet. I haven't missed any applications yet and I have now dermarollled for two weeks in a row.

I have not noticed any sort of gains as of yet, nor do I expect to for some time. Just keeping myself and everyone else updated!

New Routine: 

  • Sunday:       AM: 5% Foam     PM: Dermarolling (0.5)
  • Monday:       AM: Nothing        PM: 5% Liquid
  • Tuesday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Wednesday: AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Thursday:     AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Friday:          AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Saturday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid

End of Week 3 - Right

End of Week 3 - Left

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aadittmar Jan 28


I have kept to the schedule above for the last week. Only change I am making is that I am not going to shave on Saturdays and Sundays so that photos on Monday have a better chance of seeing progress. Other than that, I will continue to shave everyday. Dermarolling continues to suck pretty hard, but I will continue to do it. I am trying to stay off of Minox forums / videos as it doesn't seem to help; it just induces jealousy as it is clear that I will not be one the cases where I will have a full beard in 1 month.  

End of Week 4 - Front








End of Week 4 - RightEnd of Week 4 - Left


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aadittmar Feb 4


No changes to report this week. I failed to make time for dermarolling on Sunday night so I just used liquid Minoxidil on that night instead. No progress to be seen yet, as expected.

End of Week 5 - Front

End of Week 5 - Right

End of Week 5 - Left

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jobit91 Feb 4

Hi aadittmar! First sorry for my english! I'm italian! We are at the same time of our journey and i did not notice nothing very relevant on my beard too.. i think we need patience.. i think i noticed a little shed on my head but i don t want to worry about it because i read that's normal.. it's happening to you too? Best wishes for your journey and your beard! It's gonna happen to both of us.. let's be vikings! Ps: I see vellus under your lip!

edited by jobit91 Feb 4
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aadittmar Feb 11


Foam 7 days / week in the AM. Liquid 7 days / week in the PM.

End of Week 6 - Front

End of Week 6 - Right

End of Week 6 - Left


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