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aadittmar Jan 14


Hello Brethren, 

I, like you, seek to grow a beard using minoxidil. I am starting this post mostly as a way to hold myself accountable and also because I've been an admirer of this forum for the last couple years, blown away by the progress (and lack of it) of everyone's journeys. 

I started two weeks ago to this date (an obvious new years resolution). Hopefully this one will stick!

Biggest surprise of the last two weeks is how long dermarolling takes! I did it last night for the first time. Not sure I did it right. Hope so!



  • Sunday:       AM: 5% Foam     PM: Dermarolling (0.5)
  • Monday:       AM: Nothing        PM: 5% Foam
  • Tuesday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Wednesday: AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Thursday:     AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Friday:          AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam
  • Saturday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Foam

End of Week 2 - Front

End of Week 2 - Right

End of Week 2 - Left

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im a noob myself but it looks like good progress just a few more areas to fill in

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aadittmar Jan 21


Things have gone smoothly in Week 3. I have made one (maybe) significant change to my routine. After reading about some users not responding to the foam I decided that I would do the foam in the mornings and the liquid at night. The liquid takes much longer to dry 

I have not noticed any side affects so far. My skins is somewhat dry, but not unusually so, especially in the winter. I haven't used any sort of moisturizer yet. I haven't missed any applications yet and I have now dermarollled for two weeks in a row.

I have not noticed any sort of gains as of yet, nor do I expect to for some time. Just keeping myself and everyone else updated!

New Routine: 

  • Sunday:       AM: 5% Foam     PM: Dermarolling (0.5)
  • Monday:       AM: Nothing        PM: 5% Liquid
  • Tuesday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Wednesday: AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Thursday:     AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Friday:          AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid
  • Saturday:      AM: 5% Foam     PM: 5% Liquid

End of Week 3 - Right

End of Week 3 - Left

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aadittmar Jan 28


I have kept to the schedule above for the last week. Only change I am making is that I am not going to shave on Saturdays and Sundays so that photos on Monday have a better chance of seeing progress. Other than that, I will continue to shave everyday. Dermarolling continues to suck pretty hard, but I will continue to do it. I am trying to stay off of Minox forums / videos as it doesn't seem to help; it just induces jealousy as it is clear that I will not be one the cases where I will have a full beard in 1 month.  

End of Week 4 - Front








End of Week 4 - RightEnd of Week 4 - Left


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aadittmar Feb 4


No changes to report this week. I failed to make time for dermarolling on Sunday night so I just used liquid Minoxidil on that night instead. No progress to be seen yet, as expected.

End of Week 5 - Front

End of Week 5 - Right

End of Week 5 - Left

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jobit91 Feb 4

Hi aadittmar! First sorry for my english! I'm italian! We are at the same time of our journey and i did not notice nothing very relevant on my beard too.. i think we need patience.. i think i noticed a little shed on my head but i don t want to worry about it because i read that's normal.. it's happening to you too? Best wishes for your journey and your beard! It's gonna happen to both of us.. let's be vikings! Ps: I see vellus under your lip!

edited by jobit91 Feb 4
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aadittmar Feb 11


Foam 7 days / week in the AM. Liquid 7 days / week in the PM.

End of Week 6 - Front

End of Week 6 - Right

End of Week 6 - Left


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aadittmar Feb 25


I was out of town last week so I did not post a Week 7 update. I have been faithful in my Minox applications though. Still doing 2 times / day (Foam in Morning / Liquid at night). 

End of Week 8 - FrontEnd of Week 8 - RightEnd of Week 8 - Left

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miq Feb 25

looks promising. Keep going. I am exactly in same week as you are and have similar “beard” type so I am really interested of your progress. I think you’re still before a gain. So am I, well I hope I am because frankly speaking I do not see any new facial hairs appearing on my face so far however I heard major gain should come around 10-12 weeks so can't wait ;-). In my case what I noticed is that my existing facial hairs are – not sure how to express it… – but seems to be  more rough. That’s all what I’ve got after my 8 weeks minoxidil journey J

P.S. I am 35 so I might be too old for minox…

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aadittmar Mar 4


Same as usual. Nothing new to mention. Sticking with the same routine.

End of Week 9 - Front

End of Week 9 - Right

End of Week 9 - Left

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aadittmar Mar 18


Not a ton of progress to be seen yet. LOTs of other body hair is taking off though. Pretty crazy ear hair. My entire back is full of velus hairs now; I don't love this. I have remained consistent with foam in the AM and liquid in the PM. I am going to wait a few weeks for my next post.

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miq Mar 18

same here. I can see lot of vellus hairs on my ears but not on cheeks! <angry>. But well, I am trying to be patient. I will wait couple of weeks more. My goal is 3-4 months to see first results on face (and not on other part of my body). If I don't then probably minox does not  work in my case.

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miq Apr 9

no update since weeks... did u give up? 

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aadittmar Apr 9

I have not given up! I will post an update later this week. Are you still applying? Have you seen any results?

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miq Apr 9

good to hear. about my results... not really. I've been applying minox since 13,5 weeks. What I observed is that my facial hairs (which I had already before I started  my minoxidl journey) are more visible and “stronger” but no new hair so far ;/ After 16 weeks if I do not anything I will quit. I guess that even if I am  “slow gainer” I should see some progress after such long time (4 months). 2,5 weeks left ;-) 

edited by miq Apr 9
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aadittmar Apr 13


I have kept up my normal schedule of foam in the morning and liquid at night for the last three weeks. These photos have about 4 days of growth. Have not missed any days yet.

Week 14 - Front

Week 14 - Right

Week 14 - Left

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aadittmar Apr 15

As there isn't much progress from week to week, my next update will be in approximately 1 month. Let's hope there's a change by then. If no change is seen at the 6 month mark, I will start dermarolling.

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miq Jun 15


Any update? I gave up. minox didn’t work on me but if I see any progress in your case I might give it a 2nd chance. But for now (after 4-5 months) from my experience I can say: it just doesn’t work! L

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aadittmar Jun 15
@miq Nothing much to update. Took some pics a week ago and no noticeable difference from last time. I’m going to keep going though and see if anything happens by 1 year. Have you tried 10%?
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miq Jun 16

10% is not available in official distribution here where I live. I’d need to purchase it from ebay or something thus so far I have not tried it. But in my opinion if 5% does not show any effectiveness (even the tiniest one) I think 10% won’t do either except more noticeable side effects. If I notice any progress with 5% then 10% might work better indeed but in my case I am afraid neither 5% nor 10% will help. But if you have possibility to try 10% do it and let us know! ;-) I am really curious about it.  

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