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Imyourfathr Sep 14 '18

Hey fellow Beard Bros!

Below is my minoxidil journey that I started on January 12th, 2018. If you're curious about my routine just scroll down! I'll be posting monthly updates or until there are noticeable changes since my last post. It's not the fastest progress but it's still working! Take a look!

(NOTE: Timestamps are above the respective photos)

1 WEEK                                                                              8 WEEKS

  1%20Week           8%20Weeks


20 WEEKS                                                               6 MONTHS (switched to foam minox)

20%20Weeks            6%20Months


8 MONTHS                                                              9 MONTHS                              

8%20Months...slow%20growth%20if%20any%20since%206%20months       9%20months

Journey Notes:

If anyone is curious, here is my routine (updated 3/8/2019):

• Kirkland 5% foam in the morning/ 10% Tugain liquid (w/LCLT) at night

• Dermaroll (5 mm, 192 needle) 2X/week

• Stare obsessively at beard in mirror for 10min/day

I'm also open to hear what you guys think too! Feel free to leave any questions and comments below, even if it's about your own progress!

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Eraser Sep 16 '18

Have you noticed a difference between months 6 and 8? On the photos it looks quite similar.

Anyway good progress  overall, keep going and stay patient mate.

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Imyourfathr Sep 16 '18

Hey thanks man, I appreciate it. Yes I felt the same way about the 6 month to 8 month period. For now I seem to have hit a plateau in growth.

But for all I know I could be nearing the next growth spurt. I'll just keep applying to find out!

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Imyourfathr Nov 19 '18

Month 10 Update: (3 weeks growth)

Like I thought, the longer the hair gets, the fuller the beard appears. This length is also ideal for spotting any additional vellus hairs. I don't think I will keep this length after the month's end but it is certainly looking better. Trying to keep this short so that's all for now, until next month!

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Imyourfathr Dec 8 '18

First photo 180 days, second photo 330 days.

(starting to wonder if I have reached my maximum potential?)

As you can see there has been relatively insignificant progress for the last 5 months or so while I was applying foam 2x a day. So I plan on conducting a 10% minox experiment either this month or the next. It will be a last ditch effort to try and get some additional gains. I was going to wait until after the year mark but I doubt one more month on 5% will make much of a difference. I won't update again until after a month on 10%, then I will decide where to go from there.

There's only one way to find out if it works...so stay tuned, and beard on!

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FastForwardBeard Dec 27 '18

There's no doubt in my mind that your beard will look amazing if you didn't touch it for 3 months. I tried the 10% experiment too and the results were meager. You may react differently though.

Go check the last page on my thread and you'll see what my beard looks like untouched for 5 months. It'll give you an idea what yours will look like. You have a much better base than I do as well so yours will look way more epic  hah.

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Imyourfathr Dec 27 '18

If I could grow a beard that's anything close to resembling yours I would be stoked. But that's surprising you haven't had much success with the 10%, I started to seeing new vellus on my cheeks in the first week! At least I think so haha my mind may be playing tricks. But that may also be from using LCLT or dermarolling so who knows. Maybe it's finally time I grow it out!

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Imyourfathr Jan 5

IMPORTANT NOTE: Personally, I believe that using the foam version of minoxidil might have been a waste of time and money. I used foam every day, twice a day for 5 months and did not notice an improvement whatsoever. Even with new vellus growth it's hard to say it helped. 

So since I seemed to only get gains on the liquid, I switched back in December and am now using 10% Tugain. After I switched, guess what happened almost immediately...I saw loads of new vellus growth. Totally blown away. This might have something to do with the propylene glycol content in the liquid. Without it, the skin on my face seems to struggle absorbing minoxidil.

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Imyourfathr Jan 11

Finally made it to one year! Still a ways to go, but it is promising nonetheless. Here is my progress since Week 1:

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