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jamo Oct 14 '17
You sir don't seem to have a continuous narrative throughout your posts. 

Quote from Vpnrt ...on the use of peppermint essential oil to promote hair growth about three years ago and gave it a try...
...and before this experiment, it was meager growth, patchy areas, etc.
So it was three years ago you gave it a try on a "meager patchy beard". Then you post a different recipe for "huge fast growing beard" that uses much more stuff than carrier + 5% PEO, but then you state that you used just the carrier + PEO twice a day and in a month "beard thickness was fully realized". And on a final one it is 6 months? Looks a bit sketchy to me, so what's your goal in sharing this? You didn't provide quality pictures so the progress is clearly visible, nor there's at least some consistensy in your statements. I don't want to come out as rude or anything, but in order for guys to benefit from your experiment I think a bit of a clearer story is required. 

And I don't take away anything from your beard either - it looks great. How old are you, again just for the reference? 

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BeardTest Oct 15 '17
Jamo it looks to me like he recently found out about that pepermint oil experiment on rats and how it worked better then minox 3%.

So he started thinking: " hay pepermint and some carrier oil is good for you even if it does not fix patchy beard so let me pretend i used it, plus I can act like I know something others do not and can act smart "

Like you pointed, his post makes no sense. His before and after pics could mean that he is just some bored troll. Someone that always had a great beard could just shave and post that picture and then say " wow look at me, I used minox to help my hair grow, or I used pepermint to help it grow etc. "

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Mattbofthree Nov 29 '18

So are there any updates on weather the peppermint oil seems the be working?



edited by Mattbofthree Nov 29 '18
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