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aacc2233 Aug 29 '19

Okay, so I'm 3-4 weeks in at the moment (I can't remember exactly when I last shaved). I think the longest attempt was about 2 - 3 months when I was in my mid 20s. I can't really remember what it looked like back then. 

So, attached is where I'm at. Do I have a shot at a good beard? I've also attached what I'm aiming for. I'm in it for the long haul!

  Me 2.JPG (472Kb)
  Me 3.JPG (576Kb)
  What I'm Aiming For.jpg (132Kb)
  Me 1.JPG (466Kb)
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Cemmos Team
Cemmos Sep 1 '19

Heck yeah, man. Your beard doesn't even look like it's struggling. With the 3 months of growth that I generally recommend to people, it'll turn out really nice. And that's really just the start of someone's beard potential. Annnd, since you're only in your mid-twenties, you still have plenty of facial hair maturity left as you continue aging.

Keep it up.

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aacc2233 Sep 3 '19

Awesome! Yes, it's gotten noticeably longer even since my first post. I'm anxious but patient :)

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aacc2233 Sep 17 '19

Alright, here we are almost three weeks later. I definitely notice a difference! This is already probably the longest it's ever been. 

Going to go for a trim in a week or two, but excited for how it's moving along. 



  IMG-0509.JPG (2320Kb)
  IMG-0510.JPG (994Kb)
  IMG-0511.JPG (1022Kb)
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