Beard Profile Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Features

What features does this site have?

Plenty! I'm sure I'll miss some, but we have our beard photos section for viewing some of the best beards the world has seen; the videos section, which isn't necessarily beard-specific, but provides bearded YouTubers a great place to share their beard-related videos for maximum exposure; the beard board has helpful topics provided by Beard Profile members.

There are more many more features than that! If you don't have an account, join now and check out all the great things the site has to offer.

What browsers are supported? Is this site accessible on mobile?

While many versions and browsers will work to access the site, the following are the best options for an optimal and supported experience:
  • IE 10+
  • Google Chrome 30+
  • Mozilla Firefox 20+
  • Safari 7+
Mobile browsers should be able to display the site and use most features fine, but there are some things that may not work as well as using a laptop or PC. If you find issues while browsing on a mobile device or have any suggestions, please use the contact form or email us at contact [at] beardprofile.com. We're actively trying to improve as many aspects of the website as possible. Thanks!

At the moment, there are no plans on a Beard Profile iOS/Android app, but it is something we'd love to have available in the future.

Was X changed or updated?

It may have been! Check out the site changelog to see if a feature has been updated or added to Beard Profile.
Beard Profile

What is Beard Profile?

Beard Profile is a website for men to come together to talk about one of the things men love most -- their beard. Our goal is to teach men how to maintain and grow their beards, as well as provide general tips about health and fitness; another aspect of having the best beard possible.

Because all good things lead back to beards. Trust us.

Who runs Beard Profile?

Just one person at the moment! Cemmos manages the Linux server, designs the website, modifies plugins for the software, [attempts] the article writing, as well as a few other aspects.



  • None. ;(

Once we have moderators, those fantastic people will be listed here as well.

How do I become a moderator?

Thanks for asking! We generally like to recruit new moderators from within the community. Those that are active throughout the website particularly the forums — are the most desired as these people can usually take care of spam, member disputes and so on, quickly.

We prefer that you not ask to be a moderator, but expressing interest is great! Beard Profile currently does not make profit, so all positions are on a volunteer basis. If you love beards and this website, sometimes moderating becomes second nature.

Can I donate to this project?

You sure can! Check out the donation page here for more details: Donate.

Donations can only be received via Paypal.


Are you on social media?

We are indeed!

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Didn't an article have less information before?

Could have! We sometimes update our beard articles so that they have the latest and most accurate information as possible.

Can I delete my account?

Certainly. It's always sad to see people leave, but the option is there for those that wish to. Simply navigate to edit your profile, and at the bottom of the profile options there will be a "Delete Profile" button.

Deleting a profile first goes into a 60-day suspension in which you can still recover your account, should the remorse set in. Beyond this time frame, if you decided not to log back in and opt to reactivate your account, it will be deleted forever. There's no going back after that.

Things that will be deleted include your timeline posts, your pictures and albums, videos, forum posts, and so on. Essentially, everything about your account is deleted, although there may be certain small remnants depending on the features you've used on Beard Profile.

Are there forum/newsfeed rules

Yes, please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. On top of that, some general etiquette includes:

* Profanity is limited to the casual use of it, so long as it's not directed at any person; living or dead.

* Pornography is never allowed.

* Politics and religion always turns heated. Because of this, we are going the neutral route and saying the discussion of either of these is not appropriate on a website about beards.

* Advertising isn't allowed, but use your best discretion with this. Are you posting something because you genuinely think a conversation can transpire? Go for it. Are you trying to drop affiliate links to make a little cash? Sorry, it's not allowed.

* Spoilers are a bigger deal to some than others. If you're going to spoil a movie, video game, book, or any type of entertainment, please say so before spilling.

* Trolling members of the site. We all know what you're doing. Just stop.

* English is the only language that can be appropriately moderated, so please speak English whenever you're posting in public parts of the website (such as the forums).

* Be respectful. 'Round these parts, respect isn't earned; it's expected. Be a nice person, don't be a douche, 'kay?

* Illegal activity is frowned upon. Don't be doin' that stuff around here, this is a clean place for clean beardsman.


Can we place our advertisements on this website?

At this time, we only place Google Adsense and Amazon/SkimLinks advertisements on the website. We may, in the future, allow for additional third-party advertisements and welcome any interest. Please contact us through our contact page or the help forum to let us know if you're interested in this service.

Also, we fully disclose the use of affiliate links here.

Are advertisements always displayed on BDPR?

Nope! Well, sort of. If you log into your account, many image advertisements are removed and you'll likely not encounter them very often. Ads are always displayed to guests, as it's one way of helping support the website without charging anyone even a penny.

What I'm looking for isn't in this FAQ. How do I get it answered?

You can use the contact form. If it's beard-related and a discussion can spawn from it, please use the beard forum.
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