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Category Beard Profile Upkeep
Target amount 200
Current amount 15
Ending date Dec 31 '17

Project description

Donate to Beard Profile! This donation area is tucked away into the site and not necessarily advertised because we only want to accept donations that are truly wanted to be given. We appreciate every member and visitor of Beard Profile, and simply being here and participating on the site is thanks enough. But if you'd still like to donate, you're free to do so.

We can't offer anything in return for a donation except our deepest thanks.

Current costs of running Beard Profile
Here are some of the current costs associated to run this site. Keep in mind that costs from things like advertising campaigns are not included
  • Unmanaged VPS: 144 USD
  • AWS CDN: 5~ USD
  • Domain name: 14.97 USD
  • SSL Certificates: 21.98 USD

Total: 185.95 USD p/year

    This is the bare minimum that Beard Profile needs to operate. Any additional donations past this amount go directly back into the website in the form of more articles, additional website features, and advertising to get our name out there to more bearded men.

    Alternately, you can use the quickest method and send directly to the administrator: PayPal.Me/Cemmos

    We encourage you to leave a comment down below after making a donation!


    Don't like the idea of donating without receiving anything?

    An additional way to support Beard Profile is to shop through Amazon:

    United States · Canada · Germany · United Kingdom · France · Italy

    Anything added to your cart after using the links above will give us a small portion, whether they're beard-related items or not.

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